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EzPayment allows you to easily add payment capabilities to your website, social media or mobile application using one line of code. Rapidly integrate and customize using a developer-friendly RESTful API, supported by full documentation. Reduce scope of payment compliance by letting the platform manage security, encryption and protection.


The hosted plugin can be embedded in a web page or used as a popup and it is optimized for web and mobile applications

Customizable appearance and support for adding, removing, requiring and pre-filling fields

Supports multiple payment methods, including credit cards and bank accounts

Configurable options for charging convenience fees

Secure and compliant payment processing

Quickly enroll merchants and processing accounts using EzEnroll. The hosted merchant application collects a minimum amount of information while maintaining compliance with FinCEN rules and regulations. No more paper applications and wet signatures.



Optimized for web and mobile applications as a popup or embedded in a page

Adds a new merchant and a processing account in a single step

A quick-entry feature minimizes the data needed to add additional processing accounts to an already enrolled merchant

Allows appearance customization and pre-filling of fields

Supports resuming of a previously incomplete online application

Adds flexibility through a full Enrollment API

EzConnect works to unleash the power of interconnected applications. Tailored to meet the needs of your business, or the businesses that you serve, our customizable cloud-based integration platform enables you to quickly connect systems and applications anytime, anywhere, delivering a competitive edge, reducing costs and increasing profitability.


Connect multiple applications to share data with guaranteed delivery

Customize the connector to move the data you need

Enforce your software and business rules

Control data delivery by sending it instantly or batch it up at the end of the day

Supports resuming of a previously incomplete online application

EzTransact is a full featured payment facilitator solution that helps you quickly implement payments within your application using a suite of RESTful APIs and plugins that are easily consumed, nearly frictionless, and extremely fast. The EzEnroll plugin will seamlessly integrate the merchant boarding process and the EzPayment plugin will help you start processing payments with one line of code.


Full transaction processing capabilities for ACH and credit card including auth/capture, sales, refund, void and returns

Customer and token management for payment methods

Transaction Monitoring that alerts or denies transactions based on thresholds

Time-based sub-merchant funding with configurable batch close times

Automated rules-based processing fee calculation

Configurable processing fees for disputes and notice of change that can be charged to the software vendor or the sub-merchant

FTP accessible batch reporting for transactions, distributions and onboarding status

Full featured Portal to manage merchants, transactions, fund distribution and more