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Welcome to BURTON

Enabling commerce through connected and integrated services


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The Burton payment services APIs are feature-rich and developer-friendly, including everything you need to process credit cards and ACH transactions and distribute funds. We write them with Open API 3.0 specs so you can load them into a code generation tool and get up and running quickly. Use our sandbox to build out your solution.

Protect You and Your Customers

Burton’s advanced card verification and transaction monitoring safeguard your software and your users. We monitor amounts, frequency, timing, address, and more to validate transactions both before processing and before funding.

Simplify Reconciliation

Burton simplifies your deposit reconciliation with online tools or APIs that allow you to see transactions included in your batch. To suite your business, you control the time your transactions settle. And we provide both credit card and ACH processing, so you have just one place to go.

PCI Assistance

With Burton’s hosted payment page plug-in, you can quickly embed a payment acceptance solution without taking on the full scope of PCI. Our plug-in runs in our PCI-compliant environment, so your software collects no credit card or ACH data. Plus, we’ll help you with the paperwork.

We Give You More

In addition to transaction monitoring, Burton encompasses other capabilities built into the gateway, such as automated fund distribution and automated fee calculations.

Simplified Pricing

With Burton’s pricing, you don’t have to worry about confusing bills with charges you’ve never heard of. You pay as you go, so there will be no big bills to pay for at the end of the month.